LIVE APRIL 2nd 2020 – 6:00 PM [GMT+8]

Elevate is an award-winning organisation that has been working with your child’s school to help them become more effective and efficient learners.

Last week, we had over 1000 parents register for a free webinar on the neuroscience of motivation. It was fantastic to see 98% of parents sign up to attend future webinars. 

One of the other areas that parents wanted help with was time management – the number one source of tension with their children. How do you know that your child isn’t wasting their time while learning independently at home?

Help is here. In our 2nd free webinar, we will show parents – like you – the crucial time management skills your child needs to maximise their productivity and how you can reinforce that at home.

** This event is FREE and is exclusive for parents from Elevate Client Schools BUT spots are limited. Last year over 800,000 people saw Elevate live in person. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Elevate Online during this challenging time in 2020.

Seats Remaining for 2nd April

Meet Your Presenter

Kirun Goy is the Managing Director of Elevate Education Asia. He has presented 800+ workshops to 30,000+ students, parents and teachers in 7 countries with one goal: to help students study smarter not harder. He believes that empowering parents with the knowledge to make real change in their child’s study habits is a crucial part of that. He can’t wait to share how you can do that in this webinar.

What You'll Learn In This Live Training Event

1. How to manage your child’s study routines at home while the coronavirus threatens their productivity.


2. How to create an effective study environment to maximise your child’s productivity.


3. Learn the “behind-the-scenes” secrets that Elevate’s coaches share with their coaching students that get them the top marks each year.


4. The “dealing with tech” blueprint to help students overcome procrastination, that has parents wishing they knew this method earlier.


5. Gain FREE ACCESS to 10+ downloadable templates that can give you the control and visibility you need to assist your child.

“Thanks so much Kirun! Really appreciate it – very helpful and informative session 🙂 ” – Suvitha



** Disclaimer: At this uncertain time when communities are affected worldwide by the coronavirus, Elevate Education is running this event for free. However, in future, events such as this may be behind a paywall. This event is free due to exceptional circumstances and Elevate make no guarantee that future events will remain free.

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